We Sell Kreider Farms - Lancaster County Fresh Milk products, Ice Cream and Drinks!

We've got AMAZING Kreider's Ice-Cream and a huge variety!! Sold by the dip or 1.5 qt. Milkshakes, Ice-Cream Sundaes, Rootbeer Floats & more!

Our milk products come in a big variety. 

We brew & make our own Iced Tea, sweet or unsweetened.....

Meadow Tea (mint tea)!


Fresh squeezed lemonade in pink or regular! Also carried is our famous Orange, Limeade Regular or Mango!!

We squeeze oranges for fresh Orange Juice made ON-Site!!

We use a fruit squeezing machine for our Orange Juice, Lemonade and Grapefruit Juices! Come watch us make it!!

Large Variety of Drinks!!